Nesuko T'Kreth

Species: Sept
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Blood Type:

She’s a girl with a very strange body; with an overabundance of nerve endings, her skin’s extremely sensitive. So much so, in fact, that she faints from even a small wound. But she heals from all manner of injuries—from tiny to horrible—within seconds, and her body rejects all illnesses, poisons, and disease. It can also acclimate completely to any environmental temperature, and Nesuko’s comfortable naked in a blizzard, or wearing a parka in the desert.

From an old, hermetic witch, young Nesuko learned to use her strange sensitivity and channel it through matter—including her garments and particles in the air. This gives Nesuko a keen awareness of her surroundings, allowing her to dodge just about any attack, and almost invariably predict her enemy’s movements.

And she often accumulates enemies, being a paladin whose job it is to help people and to kill villains, which tends to be more complicated than it sounds. The life’s made her somewhat psychopathic, which has both advantages and disadvantages.

She was born in a young town called Neishini’houj, on the planet Naeh’beng. Her house was at the edge of a beautiful green forest and she and her sister, Shiu’Zeng, walked across green fields each morning on their way to the planet’s only school.

Nesuko mostly lived only with her mother, Eirao, and sister, as the man she grew up believing to be her biological father—Salumo T’Kreth—was an intergalactic mercenary, and rarely at home. Shiu’Zeng eventually ran away from home, changed her name to Toubanua, and made a living off-world as an evil sorceress.

When Nesuko was fourteen, a Zai’Pi fragrance vessel crashed on Naeh’beng, polluting the air and bringing death to all inhabitants but Nesuko, due to her odd physiology. A couple years later, after a variety of strange episodes, Nesuko ended up as a paladin with her own space ship, called the Raithuras.

Species: Modified Mov
Sex: Male
Age: Unknown
Blood Type:

A combination of necromancy and robotics, Boschen’s quite old, so old he can’t remember vast segments of his life. He occasionally finds historical records where he’s mentioned, but is as surprised as anyone by the details of his ancient activities. He’s seen things about himself from five hundred years ago.

He hasn’t had flesh for very long—it was given to him by Nesuko’s half-sister, Toubanua. Toubanua intended it as a means of torment, but it’s allowed Boschen a physical relationship with his wife, Aninei. So it’s not all bad.

Boschen’s quite strong, which is useful for killing, something he, as a paladin, often needs to do.

Aninei Neitushemu

Species: Sept
Sex: Female
Age: 17
Blood Type:

Aninei grew up in a small colonial town that was almost perpetually besieged by insane bloodthirsty natives. Her father was General of the town militia, and made sure she was as far as possible from battle, which often was not very far.

Evil alien sorcerers conned the Neitushemu family out of their lives and livelihoods, and Aninei, along with many other victims, became a sex slave. It was under these circumstances that she met her husband, Boschen.

Aninei was addicted to meditation for a time as a means of coping with her past, but has been sober now for a couple years. Nowadays, she spends her time playing video games and doing research for the paladins. She almost never leaves the Raithuras, and wears bedclothes all day long.

Species: Sept
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Blood Type:

The mechanical wings on Mitsumi’s back are connected in such way as to cause almost ceaseless blood flow from the base of their wires and cables. But the modifications made to her body in order to accommodate the wings also allow her to connect with computer equipment.

Mitsumi knows computer minds as few other organisms are allowed, and spends nearly all her time on board the Raithuras working or gabbing with the many fractious computer minds Nesuko saw fit to install on the ship.

Mitsumi met the paladins when they rescued her from a life of constant physical and social mistreatment at the hands of all sorts of people. She likes living on the Raithuras, where it’s usually nice and quiet.

Mitsumi Nevijen